• Nigel Hamliton
    Nigel Hamliton Head Lad
  • Liam Reeves
    Liam Reeves Travelling Head Lad
  • Lester Inns
    Lester Inns Gardener/handyman
  • John Wall
    John Wall
  • Sarah Stebbing
    Sarah Stebbing
  • Berni Parr
    Berni Parr Office Coordinator
  • Emily Manning
    Emily Manning
  • Rodney Lappin
    Rodney Lappin
  • Simone Massey
    Simone Massey
  • Stuart Best
    Stuart Best

Along with our usual staff who ride out on a day to day basis we also have local jockeys come in to ride work, mainly PJ McDonald and Andy Elliot, as well as Henry Brooke who comes in to school our jumping horses.