• Nigel Hamliton
    Nigel Hamliton Head Lad
  • Liam Reeves
    Liam Reeves Travelling Head Lad
  • Lester Inns
    Lester Inns Gardener/handyman
  • John Wall
    John Wall
  • Sarah Stebbing
    Sarah Stebbing Book keeper
  • Charlene Collingwood
    Charlene Collingwood
  • Rodney Lappin
    Rodney Lappin Work Rider
  • Steve Kettlewell
    Steve Kettlewell Work Rider
  • Luke Brack
    Luke Brack
  • Tom Wigglesworth
    Tom Wigglesworth
  • Simone Massey
    Simone Massey

Along with our usual staff who ride out on a day to day basis we also have local jockeys come in to ride work, mainly PJ McDonald.

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